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Getting the most from your sleep

All of the insights inside your Shae will help you to get a good night's sleep but here are some quick ways to put it into practice:

1. Check out the Chronobiology Clocks. These clocks let you know what time of day will be best to start winding down, along with how to best use your energy during the day for the most restful sleep. Choose the clock that resonates with your highest priority - Food, Fitness, Genius, or Lifestyle.

2. Your FOOD REPORT will show you the foods to eat to help support a natural balance in your body - and this includes getting good sleep! Check out the FOOD GUIDE for extra insight into the best Food Combining, Eating Habits, and other areas like Caffeine, Sweeteners, and Portions.

3. If you have an overactive mind, be sure that you have checked this as YES in the Personal Health Assessment. You can head to UPDATE >> Continuing an unfinished session >> HEALTH CONDITIONS to adjust this answer.

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