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  1. A1 and A2 milk, goat, sheep and cow

  2. Adding your own recipe to show on Meal Planner

  3. Are whole or ground flax seeds best?

  4. Can I connect my wearable devices?

  5. Extending or Renewing my Membership

  6. Facebook Group Links for All HealthTypes

  7. Getting the most from your sleep

  8. How do I remove a Client from my list?

  9. How do I turn on Notifications from Shae?

  10. How do I update my Personal Health Assessment

  11. How do I update my profile?

  12. How to navigate food list

  13. How to update where you work

  14. How to update your location

  15. How to use the FOOD GUIDE with the FOOD LIST

  16. Hypothyroid and Cruciferous Vegetables - User Question

  17. I updated twice today but only see one dot on the graph

  18. I'm a Health Practitioner - how do I use Shae?

  19. My HealthType changed

  20. Qualification from the HealthType Course?

  21. Recipe Search Tips

  22. Recommended eating style for Guardians

  23. Requesting Coaching Access

  24. Understanding Your Healthy Habits Index

  25. What does my best time to vacation mean and does it matter what hemisphere I'm in?

  26. What to do if you're feeling hungry using Shae or ph360

  27. What's the difference between Super Detox and Personalized Detox?

  28. Which type of exercise when?

  29. Why are calories listed different than per serving calories on labels?

  30. Why are smoothies recommended when it says not to eat raw foods?

  31. Why do I have extra tokens on my license?

  32. Why doesn't my powerhour change when the time changes?

  33. Why is carrot juice ranked high when juices in general are not?

  34. Why won't my virtual coach videos play or load?

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