Why are calories listed different than per serving calories on labels?

The calories presented in the ph360 program are for 100g. For example 100 grams raw lentils is 352 calories while 100g cooked is 116 calories (cooked beans contain a bunch of water and lose their nutritional value based on how they're prepared). 

The amount or portion size is a different measurement, not meant to be indicated by calories, but intended to give an idea of what a normal portion size is to give people an idea of what a normal portion looks like i.e. a 40oz steak is not a single portion.    

This is to help members understand that the huge portions commonly served in restaurants are not normal or healthy portions. Nonetheless, they are guidelines only. Someone could have more or less based on how important the food is (number of smiles), how often they have it (special occasion vs. daily), their caloric intake (it could be more for body builders or pregnant women, for instance, less if less active), etc.

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