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How to use the FOOD GUIDE with the FOOD LIST

The FOOD GUIDE and the FOOD LIST work together to fill out your dietary recommendations. It might be helpful to think of the FOOD GUIDE as the general guide to aim for while the FOOD LIST tells you what foods specifically, encouraging variety. Eat your GREEN ranked daily, fill in with YELLOW and ORANGE ranked foods just not as often.

For example:

If your FOOD GUIDE suggests...

White fish: Eat 3-4 times a week.
You might see most white fish are YELLOW ranked. So variety is key here. Have sole one day, then halibut, then flounder, then sole, etc. Play with a variety of white fish.

Oily fish and shellfish would be the same (Tip, you can put the words “oily fish” into the search and it’ll show all oily fish. Makes things easy for a search)

Red Meat.: Eat red meat 3 times a week 
Choose from the top choices in your food list. 

Citrus fruit: Choose from your top choices; lemon, lime, orange, clementine and mandarin, etc. You could include some of this for breakfast or lunch. Lemon juice, for example, on an empty stomach in the morning helps cleanse the liver.

Dried fruit: Snack on occasion throughout the week 
Small portions which may correspond to the YELLOW/ORANGE ranking for “dehydrated food” and the same for the various types in the food list. Just small portions as a snack or sprinkled onto other meals is sufficient here.

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