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Adding your own recipe to show on Meal Planner

You certainly can add your own recipes to show on your meal planner! This is done through the RECIPE section. 
  1. Head to the browser version of ph360 by logging in here.
  2. Once inside, navigate to RECIPES and at the top right you'll see the link to "Submit Your Recipe". 
  3. Add your recipe (there's a video tutorial to watch if you like too!) and give it a few days to go through the QA process. 
  4. Then after a few days, you'll be able to see how it ranks for you and if it has a GREEN ranking you'll be able to add it to your meal planer! :) 
  5. Perhaps the easiest way to find it for your Meal Planner will be to use the SEARCH option when you edit a meal. 

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