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What does my best time to vacation mean and does it matter what hemisphere I'm in?

Your best time to vacation is based on a natural cycle of the body, your chronology, and indicates a time when your body is more receptive. That means that treatments work well during that time and anything you do health wise will work better around that time. The opposite is also true. Detrimental things you do or ingest into your body will have stronger effect during that time period.  It is the same time period regardless of the hemisphere you are in.  

The week is determined by chronobiology and not so much on HealthType. A lot of this is proprietary info but here’s what we can say about the trends we have for immune drops at certain times of year and influence your vacation recommendation and time of lowered immunity:

When your avatar is created, Shae processes 10,000+ data points to formulate evidence-based and scientifically-informed predictions about the state of your body and its health, including your natural biological rhythms. Your ideal time for vacation draws from understandings about your circadian rhythm (the natural cycle of physical, mental and behaviour change that the body goes through in a 24-hour cycle) and the science of chronobiology (a field of biology that examines timing processes, including periodic phenomena such as adaptation to solar- and lunar-related rhythms) that helps Shae correlate the optimal (and sub-optimal) state of your health at different times throughout the year.  

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