Recommended eating style for Guardians and Diplomats

Your body naturally likes to conserve energy. Your body has a slower metabolism and digestion than some other body types. You have the ability to miss meals without negative effect. You might gain weight easily if not eating a proper diet and getting regular exercise.

The general eating style that will be supportive for you is to eat a diet high in vegetables, low in fruits and with small amounts of lean meats. Vegetables provide you the energy and polysaccharides that your body needs. Sugars will strain the pancreas and fruits and carbs will be easily stored as fat. For this reason, a low glycemic diet is recommended, with less carbs and no sugar.   

When you are not eating well, such as eating a lot of sugar, meats and very little vegetables you might notice feeling sluggish, moody, tired and anti-social.

Lemons and diuretics can be supportive to clean the system.

A wellness coach or partner can help you to stick to your healthy habit goals.

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